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DreamHost Review

This is among the oldest web hosting service providers, serving 1.5 million sites since nearly past 22 years. It is one of the most valuable and best-in-class web host, with more than 400k happy customers that are fully satisfied by their services. Now without wasting our time, let’s move further to its highlights, pros and cons of This Hosting service.


1. More than Average Uptime (97%);

We tested DreamHost for past 10 months and found that the uptime rate for this web-host, is actually better than some of the best-known web hosts. The average uptime rate during the whole 10 months testing period was 97% which is a way more than the industry standards of 94%, and that is a good thing. This is not the best uptime rate which we can see on some of the other high-end web hosts , but actually better than lots of the other hosts in the market. Here’s a list showing the average uptime during our testing period;

  • Average Uptime in August 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in September 2018 was 99.96%
  • Average Uptime in October 2018 was 99.99%
  • Average Uptime in November 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in December 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in January 2019 was 99.96%
  • Average Uptime in February 2019 was 99.94%
  • Average Uptime in March 2019 was 99.99%
  • Average Uptime in April 2019 was 99.92%
  • Average Uptime in May 2019 was 99.98%

2. Better Money-Back guarantee(97-Days)

Unlike some other Web Hosting providers, DreamHost actually provides you a 97-day money back guarantee for Shared web hosting, WordPress and Cloud hosting plans. This makes it helpful for new users to try their services without the risk of losing their valuable money or getting any loss of cash by investing in something that is not so worthy and not suitable for them. If you purchase a plan by DreamHost, and after some time, (within the period of 97 days) you find it not suitable for you, than you can easily apply for a refund and they will give you instant refund if you are eligible for that. Perhaps, for VPS Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting plans, the duration of money-Back guarantee is 30-days, you’ll need to keep in mind this thing, while applying for a refund.otherwise they provide instant refunds.that’s a cool thing about dreamHost.

3. Best Value for Basic Plans:

However, DreamHost Basic plan costs you a little bit more than some other web hosts, but it actually provides you some more features than an regular hosting service, even in basic plans as well. It’s basic plan is available for as low as $2.59/month for a subscription of 3 years plan. But you can get a monthly subscription plan for $4.95/month if you wanna pay on monthly basis. And you don’t even have to pay any extra charges to get monthly subscription. This makes it more flexible and a better choice for new customers.

There’s a lot more in this price plan. You will get unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL Certification and a Free Domain with every plan, even the basic one as well. Other than that, you can get their own website builder Called ‘Remixer’ for free with every plan.

4. Free Website Builder:

DreamHost Provides you a free website builder with every hosting plan. They’ve developed their own website builder called ‘Remixer’ that comes with a ton of new features, customizations and templates. Other than that, you don’t need any website building experience or coding knowledge, you just need to drag-n-drop in order to create a perfect website, so it becomes amazingly easy to use for people who want a stunning website and are new to this website business. It even provides SEO tools and lots of extra features so you don’t need to worry about you site anymore. This is also one of the coolest things about DreamHost services.

5. Eco-Friendly:

DreamHost is one amongst different Web Hosting Providers who are serious about Environmental issues and developing a carbon-based eco-friendly culture. Their offices are also energy-star certified. If you want a web-host that is environment friendly as well, than you can choose it. They have carbon-based servers that ensures you a long-time stability and data security without any risk of damage to your data or online appearance/business.

6. No Price-Jumps on Renewal of plans;

Unlike the other web hosting servers, DreamHost doesn’t increase the prices at the time of renewal. When your subscription expires, you’ll need to pay the same amount for renewal that you paid to get the subscription for the first time. Even if you set automatic payment methods, there won’t be any extra charges for the purpose of renewal as well. They don’t have any extra upsell charges so it is a good choice for you to get along with it as well. You won’t have any extra costs so this can be cost-efficient even after the period of first subscription also.


1. Above average LoadTime (718ms);

During our whole testing period of ten months, we found that the LoadTime if our testing Site was a little bit higher which is not good at all. The average loadtime was 718ms and even, it was not consistant at all. If your page loads slow, you can lose a lot of audience which is not good for your business. So keep in mond while choosing this host for your website.Its loading speed bad for ecommerce sites but is actually good for other kind of sites/blogs so it won’t matter that much for a regular client. Average load time during our testing period of ten months is listed below;

  • Average loadtime in August 2018 was 658ms
  • Average loadtime in September 2018 was 688ms
  • Average loadtime in October 2018 was 710ms
  • Average loadtime in November 2018 was 762ms
  • Average loadtime in December 2018 was 745ms
  • Average loadtime in January 2019 was 803ms
  • Average loadtime in February 2019 was 717ms
  • Average loadtime in March 2019 was 676ms
  • Average loadtime in April 2019 was 733ms
  • Average loadtime in May 2019 was 694ms

2. Not-Really 24/7 Live-chat support;

They say that they offer their customers a 24/7 live-chat support but we found it a false-claim during our whole testing period. They actually provide an automated answering system but that is not as flexible and suitable as a ‘real’ 24/7 support system should be. Perhaps, their automated answering system is quite efficient to help with basic issues but not good with complex problem which is not so good for their services.

3. No free Site Migrations:

Unlike some other web hosts, DreamHost doesn’t provide any free website migration. They’ll charge you a standard amount of $99-per site as a one-time fee if you want to transfer your website to their hosting service. Although there might be some limitations even on paid migration as well. For example, you cannot transfer your website from some website builders like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. Other than that, multisite wordpress sites cannot be moved and transfers will just grab the contents of the posts/pages but not the plugins, theme-setup and other features, you’ll need to re-install all of them.

Prices and Plans:

Now, let’s see their Hosting plans and their price ranges and let’s see what features they are actually providing to their customers.

Website Hosting;

DreamHost provides you different web-hosting plans and categorized all of them in three main categories that categories are Shared, Managed and VPS hostings for wordpress. Lets have a look on all of them.

1. Shared Hosting;

Shared hosting is the lowest cost web-hosting provided by DreamHost. There are two shared hosting plans provided with tons of features, in this category, (of course with a lower cost) which are listed below.

  • Starter: This plan costs you as low as $2.59/month. This plan includes 1 website, Free Domain Included, Unlimited Traffic, WordPress pre-installed, Fast and unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, free SSL Certification, flexible monthly, anually and 3-years billing plans plus, you can add a personal email on as low as $1.67/month. This plan is perfect for starting a new website.
  • Unlimited:This plan costs you as low as $5.95/month and includes unlimited websites, free domain names, unlimited traffic,wordpress preinstalled, Fast and unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL Certification, Unlimited Email accounts and monthly, anually and 3-year payment flexibility. This is a perfect low cost plan for multiple websites.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting;

There are three plans provided under Managed WordPress hosting, with more business-oriented features and more speed, plus some extra benefits. These plans are listed below.

  • DreamPress: This plan costs you as low as $16.95/month and is built for upto 100k monthly visitors. It includes 30GB SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth, Free SSL Certification, Daily Backups and 1-click restore, 24/7 wordpress support and JetPack free Pre-installed.
  • DreamPress Plus: This plan costs you as low as $24.95/month, is built for upto 300k monthly visitors, and includes 60GB SSD Storage, Unmetered bandwidth, SSL Certification Installed, Daily Backups and 1-click restore, 24/7 wordpress support, Jetpack Professional pre-installed and Unlimited CDN. this plan provides a growth engine for your online business or blog.
  • DreamPress Pro: This plan costs you as low as $71.95/month and is built for upto 1M+ monthly visitors, and includes 120GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, SSL certificates Installed, Daily backups and 1-click restore, 24/7 wordpress support Plus DreamCare Support Included, Jetpack Professional Pre-installed and Unlimited CDN.

Other than that, you get blazing fast speed, uptime, and complete reliability with these premium plans with free domain name and domain privacy, plus free website migration (with costs $99 on other plans).So, these plans are good for your business.

VPS WordPress Hosting:

DreamHost provides best-in-class VPS Plans with perfect speed and flexibility. The price plans are listed below.

  • Basic: This plan costs you as low as $10/month and includes perfect speed with 1GB Ram, 30GB SSD Storage, Unlimited website, Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificates and Unlimited Email @your_domain. This is more suitable for new-small websites.
  • Business: This plan costs you as low as $20/month and includes perfect speed with 2GB Ram, 60Gb SSD Storage, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificates, and Unlimited Emails @your_domain. This plan is more suitable for small businesses.
  • Professional: This plan costs you as low as $40/month and includes perfect speed with 4GB Ram, 120GB SSD Storage, Unlimited websites, Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificates and Unlimited Emails @your_domain. This plan is more suitable for Resource-intensive sites and provides perfect stability.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs you as low as $80/month and includes 8GB ram, 240GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Traffic,Free SSL Certificates and Unlimited Emails @your_domain. This is most suitable for Resource-intensive sites and provides you the best performance and stability.


Well it’s totally up to you. DreamHost provides you better than average uptime, with more advanced features to the hosting plan that no other web host provides. It is also one four web hosts which are recommended by wordpress, itself. Perhaps it’s load time in shared hosting plans is high, but other features that it provides, and the price plans are great. So, we do recommend it to you. But if you want better loadtime or other things like free-website migration, then you may look for other options as well, but overall, it’s a great choice for you to get started with.

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