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A2 Hosting Review

While Talking about Web Hosting, there’s one company which provides some of the best features, but no-one knows about it. Yes! That’s ‘A2-Hosting’. They provide excellent web hosting services and the provide consumer-friendly features which everyone needs, but with a little bit extra charge. Firstly, let’s see what A2 Hosting is, and how it was started;

Company Background:

It was Started in 2001. It CEO Bryan Muthing Used his Strong Background and Experience as a UNIX system administration to launch his ‘Dream Project’ which was Named or Called as ‘Inequient’ and that web host was renamed Later as ‘A2 Hosting’. This had become the identity of this project and is being known until today’s date. This service was first launched as a hobby but later on, had become a globally Big Business and No-one had an idea that something like this, can change the whole market values. They have three main ‘Offices’ or Data-Centers around the world. The main and very first office is in Michigan, US. and others are is Amsterdam (Eu) and Singapore. From these three data centres, they use to manage all their server and hosting work and with the help of their hard-working and efficient teams, they are able to provide the best services to their customers.


Need some reasons to get this web-hosting service? Let’s have look at how it is better than others.

1. Speed/Performance:

They Claim that they have 20x Faster web hosting, which is somehow true. During our 10 months testing period, we found a blazing fast speed and an incredibly low load time which is an awesome thing for a website-owner. Let’s have a look at how fast a web host can be.

Average Load time During the past 10 months;

  • Average load time in July 2018 was 441ms
  • Average load time in August 2018 was 371ms
  • Average load time in September 2018 was 372ms
  • Average load time in October 2018 was 390ms
  • Average load time in November 2018 was 377ms
  • Average load time in December 2018 was 395ms
  • Average load time in January 2019 was 364ms
  • Average load time in February 2019 was 362ms
  • Average load time in March 2019 was 344ms
  • Average load time in April 2019 was 355ms

2. Guru Support Crew:

They provide the best customer support team which is working hard to serve their clients with their best expertise. Their response is quick, efficient and consistent. They are fully capable of getting the trust of their valuable customers and have done that job effectively. That’s the reason why they get a 5-star rating from most of their customers. Their support team is the reason for their good reputation in the market.

3. Free Website Migration:

Do you already have a personal or a working-business website which is being hosted by another server? and want to try out A2 hosting? But don’t want to spend anything extra? Don’t worry. With A2 hosting, you’ll get free website migration. Which means that you can transfer your website to A2 hosting, without spending even a single cent out of your pocket. You don’t need to pay anything extra to transfer your site, A2 hosting, will do it itself. This is another good feature of this hosting service.

4. Free Site-Security:

A2 Hosting provides you Free Hack-scan, a software that will monitor your site, include 24/7 virus scanning and protection, dual Firewall, and a brute force defence that will completely protect your website and you won’t need to worry about your site. That is another reason to go with this host.

5. Free CDN:

In addition to free virus scanning, you’ll also be able to use Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). This will route traffic to your site to take the path of least resistance. This means that you’ll get even faster site speeds, enhanced security, one-click setup, increased uptime, and more.

6. CMS:

Need to install CMS (Content Management System)? don’t worry, A2 Hosting is compatible with most common and popular CMS’ like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart and Magento, and Supports One-Click Installation. In fact, if you choose a Turbo package, you’ll get a snappy fast-perfectly optimized WordPress Plugin as well, which is pre-Installed.

7. Anytime Money-Back Guarantee:

They provide you with a money-back guarantee and promise you the best speed for your site ever after the purchase of their services. This gives you the freedom to decide whether this host can fulfil your hosting requirements or not. It is totally risk-free so you can give it a try. You can claim it anytime you if you face any problems with their service.


Although this service has so much plus points, It has some drawbacks as well, and that are described below.

1. Inconsistent Uptime:

Although it’s Uptime rate is very high (99.9%) but it is still Inconsistent. You may face some downtime but the rate is very low for that to happen. Otherwise, it is fine enough to run a heavy-business Site as well.

Uptime Rate of A2 Hosting from past 10 months;

  • Average uptime in July 2018 is 99.89%
  • Average uptime in August 2018 is 99.98%
  • Average uptime in September 2018 is 99.99%
  • Average uptime in October 2018 is 99.98%
  • Average uptime in November 2018 is 99.60%
  • Average uptime in December 2018 is 99.98%
  • Average uptime in January 2019 is 99.89%
  • Average uptime in February 2019 is 99.98%
  • Average uptime in March 2019 is 99.99%
  • Average uptime in April 2019 is 99.78%

2. No Free Domains:

Unlike some other web-hosts, A2 Hosting doesn’t provide you any free domain name with any plan. If you wanna get a domain name from A2 Hosting, you’ll need to pay a specific fee to purchase that domain. This is the biggest drawback for this premium hosting service.

3. Not Budget-Friendly:

This is a premium web-host. This means that it can be a little bit expensive and it’s price tags are somehow, higher than an average, ‘Budget-Friendly’ Cheap priced web hosts. But after all, this needs to be get paid more, because it provides some extra benefits than a regular host. And to be honest, they are worth to get paid more. And at the end the day, you’ll get what you’ve paid for and trust me, you won’t regret investing in this host.

Prices & Hosting Plans:

A2 Hosting has lots of premium hosting plans which are perfect for businesses and we’ll discuss some of them below.

Shared Web-Hosting;

A2 Hosting has three Package plans of Shared Hosting which are listed below:

  • Lite: It starts at $3.92/month, and includes 1 website, 5 databases, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Transfers, cPanel, Free SSL & SSD, Free and easy site transfer and anytime Money-back guarantee. This plan is suitable for a single site and is a very basic plan.
  • Swift: This plan costs $4.90/month and includes Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Database, Unlimited Transfers, cPanel, Free SSL & SSD, Free & Easy site transfer and anytime Money-back guarantee. This is a premium plan.
  • Turbo: It is the most premium Plan for Shared Hosting. It costs $9.31/month and includes everything from Swift Plan, plus added benefits of A2 site-accelerator and 20x turbo speed. This plan is the perfect value for money.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is categorised in two groups according to client’s requirements. That are listed below.

Shared WordPress Plans;

  • Lite: It is a basic WordPress hosting plan which starts with $3.92/month and includes 1 website, 5 databases, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited transfers, cPanel, Free SSL & SSD, Free & Easy site transfer and anytime Money- Back Guarantee.
  • Swift: This plan starts with $4.90/month and includes everything from the Lite plan plus added benefits of Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Databases.
  • Turbo: This plan starts with $9.31/month and includes everything from Swift plan with added benefits of Turbo speed which is up to 20X faster and A2 Site accelerator.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • 1-Site: This plan starts with $11.99/month and includes 1 website, 10GB Storage, Unlimited Transfers, Free SSL & SSD & CDN, Turbo Speed ( Up to 20X Faster), Powered by Plesk, Site Staging, Easy Automatic Backups, Free Jetpack personal license, Free & easy site transfer and anytime money-back guarantee.
  • 3-Sites: This Plan starts with $18.99/month and includes everything from the 1-site plan, plus added 3 websites and 25GB of Storage.
  • Unlimited: This plan costs $36.99/month and includes everything from previous plans with the addition of Unlimited websites and 40GB storage.

Final Verdict: Do we recommend this hosting or not?

Well, the answer is yes, if you can afford. This is the best and fastest server that we’ve ever tested out. It is a bit expensive but perfect value for money. And after all, they’re giving you any time-money back guarantee so you won’t be wasting your money and your investment is totally safe in this web host. And in our opinion, just go and get their awesome services without wasting any extra time.

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