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Bluehost Review

While talking about web hosting services, the one company that comes in our minds is ‘Bluehost’. It is one of the best web hosting service providers in the whole world. But what makes it different from others? Let’s have a look at that.

We reviewed Bluehost for past 10 months, and found a really effective web hosting service. It provides awesome tools for all of it’s users and hosting is quiet efficient, according to its price range. Let’s move further and learn more about Bluehost Services;

About BlueHost:

It was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Denny Ashton in Provo, Utah, United States. and continued to grow up till today’s date. A rough history of Bluehost is given following;

  • In December 2003, it was Founded by Matt Heaton and Denny Ashton in Provo, Utah, U.S.
  • In August 2007, more than 500,000 domains were registered on Bluehost.
  • In June 2008, More that one Million Domains were registered on Bluehost.
  • In November 2010, Bluehost acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG)
  • In April 2013, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting solutions were launched.
  • In October 2013, Endurance International Group goes Public.
  • In May 2014, Optimized hosting for WordPress launched.
  • In July 2015, Cloud Sites by Bluehost were released.

This was a brief history of Bluehost. Now, let’s talk about some of its features and Pros and Cons of this hosting  service;


Strong Uptime (99.99%)

During all the time period of our testing site, we found a strong, stable and an impressive uptime rate.

With a time period of 5 outages in the past 10 months, the phenomenal uptime of BlueHost is well over the industry standard of 99.99% which results in only staggering 9 minutes of downtime total of 7296 hours that we have logged over the time period of our review.

In August 2017, their uptime took a serious hit and BlueHost claims that the reasons for these problems were the various DDoS attacks on their servers and since then the numbers have been in trending.

All in all, we can say that it is the best uptime that we have seen over the time period of the last 10 months after successfully monitoring more than 31 hosts.

Average Uptime of Bluehost in during past 10 months:

  • Average uptime is 100% in June 2018
  • Average uptime is 99.99% in July 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in August 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in September 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in October 2018
  • Average uptime is 99.99% in November 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in December 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in January 2019
  • Average uptime is 100% in February 2019
  • Average uptime is 100% in March 2019

Fast Load-time (424ms)

With an average of 424 ms of load time, BlueHost has successfully managed to pull itself up through bootstraps and rise up to the ranks of a 3rd faster web host that we have ever reviewed.

Surprised by this unexpected and somehow sudden jump in their load time of pages, I personally reached out to their team members and asked how they have managed to increase their speed so drastically.

And the answer that I got from them was very simple, “We wanted to improve our customer experience and decided to invest in upgrading our ‘Bluerock’ server park”

Ever since then the results have been steady then. Now, as we are near the end of this year let’s look back to see how they have performed over the time of the last 10 months.

Average load-time of Bluehost during past 10 months:

  • Average speed is 476ms in June 2018
  • Average speed is 418ms in July 2018
  • Average speed is 414ms in August 2018
  • Average speed is 421ms in September 2018
  • Average speed is 433ms in October 2018
  • Average speed is 429ms in November 2018
  • Average speed is 423ms in December 2018
  • Average speed is 410ms in January 2019
  • Average speed is 410ms in February 2019
  • Average speed is 434ms in March 2019
That’s actually not bad. In fact, in speed BlueHost ranks 5th.

Customer Support:

Bluehost provides you the best customer support services. With their instant reply, they can get in touch with you at a very low time. You can even call them for instant help. They are super responsive and do really care for their customers’ needs. They have an awesome customer Support team which is doing its job very well. Their instant chat service is also amazing.

Other Benefits of Bluehost:

  • This hosting Service is officially supported by WordPress and provides the best tools for WordPress sites.
  • 24/7 Support Service has been provided, which is super responsive and gets back to you instantly.
  • All of the services are provided with a 30 days money-back guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about your payments.
  • The domain name completely is free for the first year of subscription. (after that, you’ll have to pay for that).
  • Free SSL Certificate has been provided, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your site.
  • One-Click WordPress install made the integration of WordPress easier than ever before.
  • Pricing of Bluehost plans is much affordable for lots of users, especially, the ones who are just starting out their own sites.
  • Bluehost is powering a large number of websites with minimum downtime.
  • There are no hidden charges for new accounts in Bluehost.

Now, let’s have a look on the Hosting plans by Bluehost:

WordPress Hosting;

Bluehost provides you the best WordPress services. It is officially recommended by since 2015, and due to its instant WordPress installation process, you can create an amazing wordpress site in minutes. Not just that, Bluehost actually provides some advanced features for WordPress sites with an amazing price tag.  The price list for WordPress hosting services, is given below:

  • Basic Plan: It is the cheapest hosting plan by Bluehost and is for beginners. It costs $2.95 per Month. In this Price, you are getting 1 Website, Free SSL Certification, 50GB SSD Storage, Free domain for 1 year, 5 parked Domains, 25 Subdomains and $50 Marketing Credit.
  • Plus Plan: This plan costs $5.45 per month. In this price plan, you are getting a bit more premium features as compared to Basic Plan. It includes Unlimited Website, Free SSL Certification,Unlimited SSD Storage, Free Domain for one year, Unlimited Parked Domains, Unlimited Subdomains and $100 Marketing Credit.
  • Choice Plan: This plan discounted to $5.45 per month, it includes all the features of Plus plan, and some added security benefits. This plan includes Free SSL Certification, Free domain for one year, unlimited websites, unlimited SSD Storage, unlimited Subdomains, unlimited parked domains, $200 marketing credits and CodeGuard Basic Backup. This is the most Recommended hosting plan by Bluehost.

WordPress Pro:

This is a new service that is available on the Bluehost platform. It is simply an advanced WordPress hosting with some advanced or what we say ‘never seen before’ features, but it may be a little bit expensive than a regular WordPress hosting plan. But at the end of the day, you’ll be getting some advanced features to grow your business in a smart way, so there’s no big deal to pay that ‘extra-money’ because honestly, that features worth it.  Price plans for WordPress Pro are described in the following;

  • Build Plan: This plan costs $9.95 per month and includes some advanced features like Basic Jetpack Site Analytics, Marketing Center, 100 Free premium Themes, Daily Scheduled Backup, Malware Detection and Removal and Domain Protection.
  • Grow Plan: This plan costs $29.95 per month, and includes all the features of Build plan, plus some added benefits like Jetpack premium Included, Business review tool, Bluehost SEO tool, Jetpack ads integration, 10GB Video Compression and WordPress Live Ticket support.
  • Scale Plan: This plan costs $49.95 per month and includes all the features of Grow Plan, plus added benefits like Jetpack Pro Included, Unlimited Backups and Restore, PayPal Integration, Unlimited Video Compression, Elastic search and WordPress live support.


If you want a perfect E-commerce store, then you can go with one of these hosting plans by Bluehost. They provide the best state of the art features and services to their clients at a very reasonable price. These hosting plans are described below:

  • Starter: This is a very basic  plan for Ecommerce sites. It cost $6.95 per month and with this plan, you can get 1 online Store, 100GB of SSD Storage, Storefront Theme Installed, Free SSL, Domain Privacy, $50 Marketing Credit and a free setup call.
  • Plus: This is most recommended plan for Ecommerce stores. It costs $8.95 per month and includes unlimited online stores, unlimited ssd storage, storefront theme installed, Free SSL, Domain Privacy, $100 marketing credit, Free Setup Call and CodeGuard Backup Basic.
  • Pro: This plan costs $12.95 per month and includes all the features of previous plans, plus $200 marketing credit and Bluehost SEO Tools included.

Shared Hosting Plans:

Bluehost provides you best shared hosting services with the most relevant price tags. You can do much more with these plans. It even includes some advanced features which no other web host provides. The price and packages of shared hosting plans are given below:

  • Basic: This plan costs $2.95 per month and includes 1 website, 50GB SSD storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL Certification, Standard Performance, 1 including domain, 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains. Still, it is very basic hosting plan, and is recommended for beginners.
  • Plus: This plan costs $5.45 per month and includes unlimited websites, Unlimited SSD storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certification, Standard performance, Unlimited domains, Unlimited parked domains, unlimited subdomains, $200 marketing credit and spam experts.
  • Choice Plus: This plan also costs $5.45 per month and includes all the features of Plus Plan, but includes extra benefits like Domain Privacy and Site Backup-CodeGuard Basic. This is most recommended Shared Hosting plan by Bluehost.
  • Pro: This plan costs $13.95 per month and includes all the features of Choice Plus, but adds something extra to it. It has High Performance Included, plus 2 Spam Experts, Domain Privacy, Site Backup and Dedicated IP. it is the most advanced Shared Hosting plan and is specially designed for high-end users.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server is the best service that is being provided by Bluehost. You can imagine the Speed, reliability, stability and flexibility of data server which is based on SSD form factor and advanced high-tech infrastructure. Price plans for VPS hosting packages are also very relevant, you can see the Price Plans below:

  • Standard: It costs $18.99 per month and at this price, you’ll get a basic Virtual Private Server which consists of 2 Cores, 30GB SSD, 2GB Ram, 1TB Bandwidth, 1 included domain, 1 IP Address, 24/7 Support, Free SSL, and a 30 days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Enhanced: This is most recommended VPS Plan by bluehost. It costs $29.99 per month and includes 2 cores, 60GB SSD, 4GB Ram, 2TB Bandwidth, 1 Included Domain, 2 IP addresses, Free SSL, 24/7 Support and 30 days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Ultimate: It is a super premium VPS plan by bluehost. It costs $59.99 per month and includes 4 Cores, 120GB SSD, 8GB Ram, 3TB Bandwidth, 1 included domain, 2 IP addresses, 24/7 support, Free SSL and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Dedicated Hosting:

This is the most expensive hosting service by Bluehost, that uses dedicated Servers with each plan, and at the same time, the most powerful service as well. It is blazing fast, most secure, and super stable hosting service. It’s price packages are high but at the end of the day, you’ll get much more than what you’ve paid for. So, it’s not a bad deal. But please keep in mind that these plans are specially designed for most high-end users and not suitable for Regular kind of Website owners. Price packages for this plan are given below:

  • Standard: This plan costs $79.99/Month and the server of this package, includes 2.3 GHz CPU of 4 core – 8 Threads, 500GB Mirrored Storage, 4GB ram, 5TB Bandwidth, 1 included domain, 3 IP Addresses, 24/7 Support, Free SSL and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Enhanced: This plan costs $99.99/month and it includes CPU performance of 2.5GHz, 4 cores 8 threads, 8GB ram, 1TB Storage (Mirrored), 10TB Bandwidth, 1 included domain, 4 IP Addresses, 24/7 Support, Free SSL and 30 days money-back guarantee. It is recommended for most users by bluehost.
  • Premium: This is most powerful plan by Bluehost. It costs $119.99/month and includes 4 cores 8 threads 3.3GHz CPU, 1TB Mirrored Storage, 16GB Ram, 15TB Bandwidth, 1 Included Domain, 5 IP Addresses, 24/7 Support, Free SSL and 30 days money-back guarantee.


There are some downfalls of Bluehost as well, which are listed following;

  • Domains are free for the first year, but you’ll need to pay a little extra money after that, to maintain your domain name. So, it can be a problem for you.
  • They have an aggressive Upsell process for addons during signup, which can cost you more, but luckily, you can uncheck it right away, so it won’t be a problem.

These are some Pros and cons of Bluehost Services now let’s have a look on what they are providing, and their prices as well.

Final Opinion:

After Reviewing every single detail about Bluehost, we can openly say that this is the best and most amazing web hosting service provider. At Bluehost, they take care of every single need of their clients. They provide excellent tools to their user, whether they are beginners or advanced level clients. It is for every person who wants a perfect hosting service for his/her own website. It is Fast, secure, stable and reliable service for everyone and you can go with this service without a second thought. That’s all i can say about this amazing Web Host.

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