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Cheap Web-Hosting Plans 2019

While choosing a web hosting service, one thing that attracts most people is the price of that hosting service. Most of the new website users, often try to find a suitable web-hosting in a budget range but it is hard for them to choose a perfect website hosting in a budget. We tried several web-hosting services and generated a list of top 10 cheap web hosting services, that provide you some suitable hosting but in your budgeted price range. You can choose one from these if you find it suitable for you.

1. Hostinger (start with $0.80/month):

HostGator Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.98%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.46ms)
+ FREE Site Migration (1)
+ No Bandwidth/Storage Limit
Unlimited Email Accounts
+ Free SSL Included

HostGator Cloud Cons:
Higher Renewal Cost

This is the cheapest web hosting service in our list. It provides you some of the best features in a budget price range. It’s introductory plans start with $0.80/month if you purchase it for a longer period of 48-months. But there might be lack of some high-end features that you can get by simply switching to a premium plan. And even after the expiration of introductory period, the prices will be slightly higher, but that’s not a big deal. However, their refund policy is not so suitable for a lot of audiences, keep that thing in your mind while choosing this host.

2. DreamHost (Start with $2.59/month):

DreamHost Pros:
+ Knowledgeable Support
+ 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ They’re Carbon Neutral

Dreamhost Cons:
Possible Delayed Setup
No cPanel

DreamHost is another web-hosting company that is trying to serve their customers with decent quality services in a budget range. Prices start with $2.59/month for an introductory plan, and their best features are their high rate of uptime, 97-days money-back guarantee and even they are providing free SSL certification, a free Domain, unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage and their own drag-n-drop website builder, in incredibly low price range. However, there might be some drawbacks, like slow high load time, and lack of some important features like free website migrations as well, so keep that in mind while choosing this web-host.

3. HostGator (Start with $2.75/month):

Hostinger Pros:
+ Fast Load Time (0.35ms)
+ Cheapest Plan ($0.80/mo)
+ Datacenters in 7 Regions
+ FREE Domain Name (1 year)
+ Uptime Guarantee
+ 30 Days Money Back

Hostinger Cons:
SSL Not Included

HostGator is one of the best hosting providers in a budget range but is lacks some important features in its basic plan. Its introductory packages start with $2.75/month and includes unmetered bandwidth, one free domain, Free SSL certification, Flexible billing periods, Free site migration and a 45-days money back guarantee but its upsells are horrible, Loading time is a bit slow and if you want more than one domain, you’ll have to pay some extra for them. So, keep that thing in your mind while choosing this domain.

4. Bluehost (Start with $2.95/month):

Bluehost Pros:
+ Best Uptime (99.99%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.41ms)
+ Cheap “Intro” Cost ($2.75/mo)
+ Easy to Use and Signup
+ Fast Support (Live Chat and Phone)
+ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost Cons:
No Free Site Migrations

Amongst all other web hosts, Bluehost provides you best features according to its price range. Its introductory plan starts with $2.75/month and provides you the best website performance (high Uptime rate of 99.99% and fast loading time of 424ms), great security options, easy to use atmosphere, great security options, wide range of integrated apps, and a 30 days money-back guarantee. But their  site migrations aren’t free and customer services can be improved as well.

5. Godaddy (Start with $2.99/month):

GoDaddy Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.97%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.52ms)
+ Many Great Features
+ Well Known Brand

GoDaddy Cons:
Unreliable Support
Emails, Backups and SSL Cost Extra

Godaddy is another most known Web-hosting provider in the market, that is offering its services in every price range, Budgeted as well. It’s Economy plan starts with $2.99/month and offers you some of the best features like 1 free website hosting, enough SSD storage, Unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for with annual payments. It provides you decent performance with amazing customer services are its best features. However, everything is not free in this great hosting service, and you’ll have to pay some extra to use some important tools like website builder, SSL Certification and backups as well.

6. A2Hosting (Start with $3.92/month):

A2 Hosting Pros:
+ Fastest Load Time (0.34ms)
+ Quick and Efficient Support
+ Free Site Migration
+ Compatible With Common CMS’s
+ Environment-Friendly

A2 Hosting Cons:
Uptime could be better (99.92%)
Restrictions on Cheapest Plan

A2 Hosting offers you best performance with some basic features in a budget price range. Speed and performance are their best features and they’re providing world-class live support, and some advanced security options with their plans, however low cost plans lack some important features as well and that’s all with an introductory prices starting with $3.92/month. Perhaps, you’ll get a free website migration with this host, so that’s a plus point.

7. SiteGround (Start with $3.95/month):

SiteGround Pros:
+ Very Good Uptime (99.99%)
+ Fast and Knowledgeable Support
+ High-Performance WordPress Hosting
+ Free Site Migration
+ Easy to Use, includes cPanel

SiteGround Cons:
‘Setup Fee’ for Monthly Billing
Limited Storage Space

SiteGround is another most-known  web hosting company that is offering best ecommerce tools in a slightly higher budget range. Their hosting plans start with $3.95/month and in this price range, you’ll get free daily backups, Free SSL Certification, best in class customer services, Enhanced Security options, Free Website migrations and a perfect wordpress hosting with some advanced ecommerce tools as well. But there are some limitation, like Limited Storage space, Metered Bandwidth and high Load time, and even Domain names are also paid. So, you need to think before getting along with this service.

8. JustHost (Start with $3.95.month):

JustHost Pros:
+ Good Time (99.97%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.60ms)
+ Free Website Builder and other tools

JustHost Cons:
Not-good Support Service
Hidden Costs and Upsells
No cPanel

JustHost is one of the best web hosts in the market that is serving its customers with great service in a budgeted price range. It’s basic introductory prices start with $3.95/month, which is not the lowest in the market, but it offers some amazing features in this price range, so that covers it up. In this price, you can get Free Domain name, Website builder, advanced security features and unlimited bandwidth in basic plan as well but if you purchase a slightly high budgeted plan or premium plan, then you can get even get $200 or more marketing credit for Google adsense or Bing Ads as well. So that can make the deal better. Perhaps, you might find some hidden costs and upsells while getting this service.

9. InMotionHosting (Start with $3.99/month):

InMotionHosting Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.79%)
+ 24/7 Instant Support
+ Unlimited Storage and bandwidth
+ 90-days money back guarantee

InMotionHosting Cons:
Horrible Loadtime (0.94ms)
Paid Website builder and site transfers

InMotionHosting is offering unlimited freedom to its customers, in a budget price range. Its introductory package starts with $3.99/month that is a not so cheap as some others are, but in this price range, it is offering Unlimited Storage, Unmetered bandwidth, Free Website Transfer, Free Daily Backups, 90 days money back guarantee as well. Perhaps its Set-up process is slow and you need to verify your phone number as well so it is somehow time consuming and it can even become headache if you are outside U.S. renewal prices are a little bit higher, but don’t worry, that covers up the features it provides.

10. HostMonster (start with $4.95/month):

HostMonster Pros:
+ Quick & Easy Setup process
+ 45-days money back guarantee
+ Marketing credits ($100 google adward, $100 Bing Ads)
+ Plans start with $4.99/month

HostMonster Cons:
High Load Time
Not so known popular>
-Plans start with $4.99/month

HostMonster is one of the oldest web hosts in the market that is offering it services starting from $4.95/month. This price is a little bit expensive but is a perfect value for money. There are some amazing features that you are getting in its plans, that are Free domain, Quick n hustle free Setup Process, 1-click wordpress registration, reliable support services and unlimited bandwidth  with slightly low storage space. However its site migrations are not free, backups are also paid, and even low-time subscription plans may cost you too much higher, and even you might find some hidden charges as well. But there’s a plus point, that you can get a $200 marketing credit even with its cheap plans as well.


These are not the cheapest plans on the internet, we’ve included in the list, some of the best featured hosting plans that are more suitable for lots of audiences and new users. But please remember that these plans that cost you less, are more suitable for new businesses but are not eligible to manage growing business and cannot handle large amount of traffic on your website. If you want better performance, you’ll need a slightly high priced plan that can fulfil your hosting need sufficiently. This blog is just to give you a rough idea about some cheap hosting plans that might help you find a perfect web-hosting plan that is suitable for your budget as well.

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