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HostGator Review

HostGator is not just a Web-Hosting Service, it is a complete and powerful solution for all website needs. It includes Domains, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Dedicated hosting Servers, Website Building tools and much more features than a regular hosting provider. We tried out their hosting service for about ten months and found it a very average on the scale. This was not so impressive, but the tools were really amazing. Let’s have a look at a brief history of HostGator:

About HostGator:

  • On October 22, 2002, HostGator was founded Florida Dorm Room, by Brent Oxley.
  • As of February 1st, 2003, HostGator had 112 Active Users and one year later, in February 2004, This service gained the trust of 1031 Active Users. This was a big achievement of HostGator as a web hosting service.
  • On  June 29, 2006, HostGator opened the first International Office in Toronto Ontario, Canada.
  • On November 1st, 2006, HostGator Main Office was Relocated to Houston, due to their Requirement of Big Space and Employer needs.
  • On May 4th, 2007 The HostGator blog published its first Blog, aptly titled “Welcome to Gator Crossing,”. “Gator Crossing” remains the official name of the blog to this day.
  • On May 23, 2007, HostGator Opened its second International Office in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • On September 10, 2009, there got 200,000 loyal customers. This was another big achievement of HostGator.
  • On August 16th, 2010, They opened another 100,000 square foot office in Austin, Texas, due to their needs of bigger space for their employees.
  • On February 2nd, 2011, HostGator had over 500 Employees and since then, they did not stop hiring Further Employees.
  • On November 29th, 2011 at 9:21:23 CST, HostGator received our 5,000,000th Live Chat.
  • On June 21, 2012, Brent Oxley announced that HostGator was being acquired by Endurance International Group.
  • On May 15, 2014, HostGator stretches its global reach with localized, in-language offerings for Chinese and Russian customers
  • On February 1st, 2015, HostGator broadens Spanish-speaking support with the launch of
  • On July 8, 2015, HostGator Launched its own WordPress hosting Service.

Well, this was a brief history of HostGator, Which shows how this Company has made its position in the Market. Now let’s see it’s pros and cons. And price/package plans and see whether it is suitable for you or not. First of all, let’s see what we found in 10 months testing of their service:


Higher uptime (99.99%):

During all our Testing Period, we found that this hosting service provides you with an amazing uptime of average 99.99%. And other than that, they guarantee you that if you find some downtime below than this (99.99%) then you will get one month credit Refunded into your account. This is an awesome offer by HostGator, which, no other Host provides.

  • Average Uptime in June 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in July 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in August 2018 was 99.99%
  • Average Uptime in September 2018 was 99.98%
  • Average Uptime in October 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in November 2018 was 100%
  • Average Uptime in December 2018 was 99.99%
  • Average Uptime in January 2019 was 100%
  • Average uptime in February 2019 was 100%
  • Average uptime in March 2019 was 99.99%

45 Days Money-Back Guarantee:

HostGator Provides you a 45 days money-back guarantee, which is somehow, better than others, as all of its competitors provide a 30-day guarantee.HostGator is becoming more and more popular and due to their loyal team that cares about its customers, they are providing a money-Back guarantee for a much higher period than a regular host, which is 45 days. the reason behind this is that they want to encourage new people to test their service for a specific period of time and check whether it suits their needs or not. this is a good thing by HostGator.

they give you the freedom to choose between monthly or annual billing schedules according to your will. And that is also without any additional charges, so it also a benefit of HostGator. However, if you choose an annual or 3-year plan, then you will get additional discounts on the payments.

Flexible Billing Periods:

Flexible payments made some ease for their clients to think about their services. they made payment methods so more and more people can go on with their services and while getting more traffic, it is beneficial for their business.

One more thing, there are lots of people who can pay their hosting bills on a monthly basis but can not pay a big amount at once for a year. and if someone wants to annual or three-year bill at once, he’ll definitely get some extra discounts as well. and with their flexible billing options, they made it easy for everyone to pay for their services.

Free Migration from Other Hosts:

If you already have a website and using the hosting services of another company, but still want to check out HostGator as well, then you don’t need to worry about that. just go and sign up for HostGator.

Because, it even offers you the freedom to its new users, that they can transfer their existing website without any additional cost, during the first 30 days. This is also a plus point for their hosting service. So, they made it easy even for existing website owners to get started with their services in an easy and efficient way.

Fast WordPress Hosting:

Their WordPress hosting is way better than other web hosting providers. So if you are a WordPress site owner, then you may think of getting this hosting service.

HostGator is providing best WordPress Hosting, which is way better than some of other web-hosts. Their WordPress Hosting plans are Cheap in price, but fast, secure and quiet efficient to get the job done in seconds. they are providing highly efficient servers so that they can be able to serve their client in best way managing their wordpress sites.

Moreover, they claim that their wordpress hosting is 2.5x faster than others, and it is somehow true while our testing period. Their Hosting is somehow faster than some of industry-known big brand names, so this made them to be a good choice for their new customers to go on with.


Paid Domains:

There’s one downfall of HostGator that they are not providing any free domains, If you want to get a perfect domain, then you’ll need to pay a specific fee for that. There are some other web-hosts in the market that are providing free Domains with their services but are charging a little high, so that, their cost of domain policy is covered indirectly by their customer’s pocket. it does ask for a proper fee for a domain policy. so this doesn’t really make any difference.

Infact, it does give customers the choice of either buying a new domain or go on with existing one. so this won’t be a big deal for lots of their customers.

Aggressive Upsells:

you need to be wise during the process of signing up. There can be lots of extra plugins which are pre-selected while signing up as a new customer and that will cost you more. If you wanna avoid this extra cost, then you need to uncheck these plugins. And remember that if you need these plugins in future, then you can add them at any time you want.

Upsells are the extra Add-ons and features that a company provides with a little bit of extra cost. These Add-ons are mostly not suitable for everyone but can be a big burden on your pocket. but luckily, you can uncheck them while signing up. you need to be aware of which features you want to add and which of them, you can skip. but keep in mind that if you need any of them in future then you can add them later on, but you won’t have to get any extra features that you don’t need, at the spot.

Slow Load Time:

Its average load time was 607ms during our testing period so remember, it can make your site slow. As it is a cheaper and low-cost hosting service and provides you with some extra benefits, but you need to compromise speed for that.

  • Average Load time in June 2018 was 782ms
  • Average Load time in July 2018 was 923ms
  • Average Load time in August 2018 was 544ms
  • AAverage Load time in September 2018 was 521ms
  • AAverage Load time in October 2018 was 602ms
  • AAverage Load time in November 2018 was 733ms
  • Average Load time in December 2018 was 645ms
  • Average Load time in January 2019 was 1031ms
  • Average Load time in February 2019 was 566ms
  • Average Load time in March 2019 was 621ms

However, their WordPress Hosting is a way faster than some others. they claim that it is 2.5x faster than others, and somehow, they’ve managed to do so. it is good for WordPress User but does not fulfil the needs of a business or Ecommerce site. because due to their higher load time, Ecommerce sites can lose a big amount of traffic due to slow loading of their pages. this is a bad deal for Ecommerce entrepreneurs. but for a regular website owner, it won’t be a bad deal at all.

Well, these were all statistical and metric things about HostGator. Now just let’s have a look at its features and Price-plans, so you’ll have a better idea of whether you wanna go with this service or not.

Shared web hosting Plans:

HostGator Provides you better web hosting plans as compared to some of it’s competitors, at a very low price and even adds some more features to them. One Click WordPress Installation, Quick and easy to use, User Friendly setup process and 24/7 Customer Support are some of best features that HostGator is providing to its customers. Price plans for Shared Hosting, are listed below:

  • Hatchling Plan: This is very basic plan by HostGator. It costs only $2.75/Month and includes a Single Domain, One-Click Installation, Unmetered Bandwidth and Free SSL Certification.
  • Baby Plan:  This plan costs $3.95/month and includes Unlimited Domains, One-click Installation, Unmetered Bandwidth and Free SSL Certification.
  • Business Plan: This is most recommended plan by HostGator. It costs $5.95/Month and Includes Unlimited Domains, One-Click Installation, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL Certification, Free Upgrade to positive SSL, Free Dedicated IP and Free SEO Tools.

Other than that, all these plans come with Unmetered Storage, Unlimited Free Email Addresses, $100 Google Adwards and $100 bing ads Credit. None of it’s competitors provide these features at this price point.

WordPress Hosting:

HostGator provides you Cloud based WordPress Hosting with free Migration, 2.5x Faster speed than regular hosting and some more advanced security features. WordPress  Hosting Plans are Listed Below:

  • Starter Plan: This is basic WordPress hosting plan by HostGator. It costs $5.95/month, includes 1 Site, Free Migration, Can handle Average 100k Monthly Website Traffic, 2x more powerful site handling, upto 1GB daily backup limit, Automatic Malware Removal, Unmetered Storage Space, Free SSL and $100 Google Adwords Credit.
  • Standard Plan: This is most Recommended plan by HostGator. It costs $7.95/month and includes 2 Sites, Free Migration, 200k monthly website traffic Handling, 2x more speed, 2GB limit of daily backup and all the features of Starter plan, and even $100 Google Adward Credit Included.
  • Business Plan: This is most premium plan by HostGator. It costs $9.95/month, and includes all the features of previous plans, plus added 3 websites handling, free migration, 500k monthly traffic handling, 5x more speed and $100 Google Adwards Credit.

All of these plans also include some advance level features like CodeGuard daily autometic Backups, SiteLock Scans, Free SSL certification and Domain Privacy, Plus 24/7 support.

Website Builder:

Not just Hosting Services, HostGator even Provides you a Website Builder as well. It is not a free website builder, but a low cost, drag-n-drop, easy to use website builder with more customization, advanced templates, more themes and extra productivity features, in a comparatively low price. Let’s have a look at the price plans for its website builder;

  • Starter: This plan costs $3.84/month and is for basic websites and contains all tools that are essential for making an eye-catching website. This Plan Contains Free hosting, Domain Name Included, Drag n drop Website Building, Customizable Templates, Website Analytics, Free SSL Certification and 24/7 Support.
  • Premium: This plan costs $5.99/month and includes everything which is in starter plan, plus added Priority Support.
  • eCommerce:  This plan costs $9.22/month and includes everything from the previous two plans, plus added Ecommerce Functionality and is specifically for E-commerce Sites/ Online Stores.

Other than that, all these plans come with Unlimited Pages included, Unmetered Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free Domain for One year, $200 Ads voucher, Analytics, SSL Certification, Connectable Existing Domain, Password Protection, HD Audio/Video Integrity, Removable Ads, Contact Support and much more. In other words, HostGator Provides you one of the best Website Builders.

Is it Suitable For You?

Well, the answer is either yes and no. HostGator Actually provides you with some of the best features that no other web host provides, but at the same time, your site can be somehow laggy, or slow at the point when too much traffic will be browsing your site. Otherwise, it is a perfect solution for your needs at a lower cost. If you are new to website business, then it can be perfect for you but if you already got too much traffic, then you can see for some other service which can fulfil your website needs. It’s Load time is so much high and that can be a problem for some customer but otherwise, it is the best service at this price point.

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