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Reviews of Hostinger Service

A personal company “Hosting media” was bootstrapped in Kaunas, Lithuania, in November 2004. The aim of this company was to provide web owner, the best-in-class, affordable hosting for their online businesses. It Became ‘Hostinger’ as a brand name in the market in 2011 and begin to grow further, till now, it is still serving the best to it’s clients. It is one of the best low-cost hosting provider in the market nowadays, (and the most popular as well). Let’s have a look of it’s it’s pros n cons and see whether it is worthy of the publicity it has got, or just another regular hosting provider, let’s go ahead.

Know about some pros and cons of using SiteGround hosting services:

Pros of Hostinger Service

1. Industry-Grade Uptime (99.95%)

One and the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a web-host, is the Uptime Rate for your website, because if you choose a web-host which has lower Uptime rate or that faces downtime so often, then you may lose a lot of your audience, and that can harm your business. During our 10 months testing time period, we found that hostinger actually fulfills Industry grades of Uptime which is 99.95%. It is much higher then some of leading web hosting services, but can be a little bit low sometimes. Average Uptime during the whole 10 months is listed following;

  • Average uptime in July 2018 was 99.99%
  • Average uptime in August 2018 was 99.99%
  • Average uptime in September 2018 was 99.98%
  • Average uptime in October 2018 was 99.95%
  • Average uptime in November 2018 was 99.92%
  • Average uptime in December 2018 was 99.95%
  • Average uptime in January 2019 was 99.96%
  • Average uptime in February 2019 was 99.97%
  • Average uptime in March 2019 was 99.96%
  • Average uptime in April 2019 was 99.92%

So it shows that while talking about Uptime and Presence on the web, Hostinger wins.

2. Amazing Load time (369ms)

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing a web host, is the load time of the website. Because it is the main thing which shows the performance of a web host. It is the speed of the website loading. During our 10 months period of testing, again, we found hostinger as a winner. Average load time of our testing site during last 10 months is listed below;

  • Average load time in July 2018 was 332
  • Average load time in August 2018 was 349
  • Average load time in September 2018 was 318
  • Average load time in October 2018 was 316
  • Average load time in November 2018 was 323
  • Average load time in December 2018 was 317
  • Average load time in January 2019 was 370
  • Average load time in February 2019 was 339
  • Average load time in March 2019 was 382
  • Average load time in April 2019 was 410

3. WordPress Performance

Hostinger provides you with best performance for your wordpress site, with special high-end features, SEO tools and an amazing response time of 176ms. These tools include HTTP/2 and IPv6 enabled, PHP7, NGINX caching, GZIP compression, spam and threat detection. You can even get better SEO, visitor retention, and conversions with cutting-edge technology, which can serve up to 3x more requests per second.

4. Customer Support

Customer support can either make or break a web host.If your site is down for some reason, and you’re unable to get in touch with a customer support person ASAP, you might lose out on a ton of sales.Hostinger doesn’t disappoint. The company offers multilingual customer support team, live chat and they integrated Intercom as their main support system. This is one of the most highlighted feature of Hostinger which makes it better then most of the other hosts.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger provides you 30 days Money-back guarantee, so you can check their services without the risk of losing your cash. If you have paid for their services, and at some point within 30 days of the purchase, you find it not suitable for you, then you can easily claim for the refund and the whole payment will be refunded to you immediately. This is a plus point of Hostinger service, that makes it even better. Some other web-hosts also provide this money-back guarantee but don’t offer instant refunds, but Hostinger does.

6. Easy-to-Use hPanel

The interface of Hostinger is not-so traditional, it is amazingly simplified and easy to Use for even non-techie new users. Everyone can now use this kind of hosting interface without any guidance or without any kind of web-host experience.  They’ve developed this kind of interface just to empower new web-owners to easily manage their hosting business. They don’t provide regular cPanel, instead, they have developed their own hPanel which is super simplified and beginners friendly. This is the reason of their popularity amongst new users.

7. Free Website Builder

Hostinger Provides you State-of-the-art website builder, free with all hosting plans. This website builder comes with thousands of free templates and lots of customization features. And the UI of this website builder is Beginner Friendly which means that you don’t need any special skills to create your own website, you can create it with just Drag-n-Drop and create a free Website in seconds. This is also one of the best features provided by Hostinger.

Cons of Hostinger Service

1. Non-standard terms for Payments/Refunds

Hostinger’s Refund Policy reveals a few exceptions to their “no questions asked money-back guarantee.”

What’s refundable under standard terms:

  • Hosting (all plans, except first payment after Free Trial)
  • Domain Transfers (.eu transfers are an exception. EURid charges a non-refundable transfer fee. If the transfer fails for any reason, the customer must start over and pay the transfer fee again. .es transfers are also non-refundable.)
  • SSL Certificates

What’s not refundable:

Redemption fees, domain name renewals, and privacy protection are not refundable. Most new domain name registrations are only refundable if canceled and processed within four days of registration, not 30 days.

2. No Extra Free domains

One domain name registration is free for users who opt for the Premium or Business shared hosting plans as well as with all annual Cloud hosting plans.However, additional domain registrations aren’t free. They’re definitely affordable, though.Domains with the extensions “.com” and “.net” are under $10 per year, while a “.xyz”, “.online”, “.tech” domains are only $0.99 per year.

Prices and Plans for Hostinger

Now let’s have a look on the services that hostinger provides, and the cost of these services.

Shared Hosting Plans

Hostinger provides 3 plans for shared hosting. All these plans are listed below.

  • Single Shared Hosting;  This is very basic hosting plan that costs as low as $0.80/month if you purchase it for a longer period of 48-months. This plan includes 1 website, 1 Email Account, 100GB bandwidth, 10GB SSD Storage, 1 MySQL Database and 1x Processing Power.
  • Premium Shared Hosting; This plan costs as low as $2.15/month for a period of 48-months. And includes 2x Processing power, 20GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Database, Unlimited Email Accounts and Free Domain Registration.
  • Business Shared Hosting; This plan costs as low as $3.14/month for a period of 48-months and includes 4x processing power, Unlimited websites, 30GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Database, Unlimited Email Accounts, Free Domain Registration, Free SSL, Daily Backups and much more.

Cloud Hosting

For Corporate need, Hostinger provides Cloud Hosting plans as well. These plans’ features and prices are listed below.

  • Cloud Startup; This plan costs as low as $7.45/month and includes Free websites, 3GB Ram, 40GB SSD, 2 Core CPU, Unlimited Bandwidth and 1x Speed boost. This plan is mostly suitable for online startups.
  • Cloud Professional; This plan costs as low as $14.95/month and includes Unlimited websites, 6GB Ram, 80GB SSD, 4 Core CPU, Unlimited Bandwidth and 2x Speed Boost.
  • Cloud Enterprise; This plan costs as low as $27.45/month and includes Unlimited websites, 12GB Ram, 160GB SSD Storage, 6 Core CPU, Unlimited Bandwidth and 3x Speed boost. This is the most high-end Cloud Hosting plan by Hostinger.

Do we Recommend Hostinger?

Well, If you are looking for a Web Hosting platform which offers you the best features, and with easy to use atmosphere, for a long term usage, then we’ll definitely recommend Hostinger to you. It offers state-of-the-art hosting services and provides best features with amazingly affordable price. You can’t find any better than this. But if you want any short-term or short-period service then you may look for any other service.

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