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SiteGround Review – Test

Top 3 Best Web Host (with support by experts)

(To correct use of reviews we are buying SiteGround start up with a well-designed website as a default, monitor uptime and speed.)

SiteGround, similar to a couple of other web has, gives you a chance to pick which server farm you need to have your site: United States (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam, Milan), Asia-Pacific (Singapore), and United Kingdom (London). On the off chance that you are worried about information security or maintenance laws, you can pick an European server farm. In the event that a large number of your clients are situated in Asia, you can utilize an Asia-Pacific server farm. Or on the other hand you can simply default to a US server. I can’t envision a great deal of organizations will require this component, however it’s a shockingly propelled choice for such a beginner centered supplier.

What are the rates of this hosting service?

To get started with the services of This site, you’ll need to pay $3.95/month with an additional setup fee of $14.95, or you can get Yearly Subscription with the benefit of free website transfer.

Does it worth that much to be paid?

Well, our review of the Site has been yielded positive feedback. The average rate of the last 10 months of Site-Ground is 99.99% with the loading time of 714 ms. Their consultation and customer support regarding WordPress are also excellent. However, their monthly setup fee and compromised storage space are not so impressive.  So, it’s not a bad deal at all.

Know about some pros and cons of using SiteGround hosting services:

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

The metrics things on which, a web hosting performance is based, are Up-time, Support and Speed, as they are the most important factors in the success of a company. The other factors that can make a hosting company stand out in the market are additional features that can do, a word of good to their rating. These additional features of Site-Ground mentioned below:

1. Elevated Up-time rate of 99.99%:

We conduct hosting reviews by at least Eight-months of factual data and statistics, and here’s what we found:

SiteGround prefers to customise software solutions instead of stock software for better hosting. The SitGround’s platform is supported with Linux containers that stabilise things during sudden traffic influx.

  • The Account-Isolation-Technology was introduced by SiteGround for the sake of security, and privacy of Its clients.
  • SiteGround built a state-of-the-art server monitoring system which can monitor servers after every half-Second. This server automatically rectifies problems without any human assistance that results, in a high Up-time.

While reviewing, the average uptime of our test website on SiteGround was 99.99% that is .05% more than the industrial standards of 99.94%. In the year 2018, SiteGround only had 20 outages which are very impressive compared to leading companies like Web Hosting Pad which had outages over 2000.

By the way, here’s the our own ‘uptime’ monitoring result for the last 10 months:

Last 10-months Average UPTIME:

  • Average uptime is 100% in June 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in July 2018
  • Average uptime is 99.97% in August 2018
  • Average uptime is 99.99% in September 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in October 2018
  • Average uptime is 99.97% in November 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in December 2018
  • Average uptime is 100% in January 2019
  • Average uptime is 99.99% in February 2019
  • Average uptime is 100% in March 2019

2. Amazing Load Time of up to 714 ms:

The loading time of our test site on Site-Ground hosting was 714 ms over the last ten months and it was so impressive, as it is way quicker than 890 ms, which is an average loading time of other hosting sites.

The loading time of Site-Ground is not only faster than others, but is also consistent, as shown in the table below:

Last 10-months average LOAD TIME:

  • Average Speed:  680ms on December 2017
  • Average Speed:  730ms on January 2018
  • Average Speed:  730ms on February 2018
  • Average Speed:  693ms on March 2018
  • Average Speed:  735ms on April 2018
  • Average Speed:  733ms on May 2018
  • Average Speed:  699ms on June 2018
  • Average Speed:  737ms on July 2018
  • Average Speed:  688ms on August 2018
  • Average Speed:  712ms on September 2018

In a word we can say that SiteGround is faster than others.

3. Best Customer Support:

The SiteGround processes over 2000 chat requests, 1500 tickets and 800 phone calls, on a daily basis. Catering to the needs of such a large number of customers is not an easy task, but Site-Ground does it efficiently. There are over 300 individuals working at Site-Ground that are designated for Efficient Customer Support Services, that are offered in three main languages including English, Spanish and Italian.

  • SiteGround does not only provide Customers Support related to hosting Services, but it caters to CMS queries as well.
  • Site-Ground’s official annual survey shows their customer satisfaction rate over 96% consistently in 2014, 2015, 2016 and it increased to  98% in 2018.

We asked multiple queries to SiteGround live agent who replied Within 11 seconds only, and that is an awesome reply rate. the questions were following.

  1. How to reset the hosting account password?
  2. How can we keep our email inbox spam free? – She told us they have software that detects 98% of the spam emails.

After our analysis, SiteGround customer support, came out to be excellent because, with detailed background checking, we could not find any complaints about it.

4. Benefits to WordPress hosting

Unlike other web hosting services, SiteGround also provides WordPress hosting on all kinds of accounts, which is also an impressive kind of features, provided by this SiteGround. It has an SSD-based platform with in-house SuperCacher that enhances the Site’s loading speed. SiteGround even provides excellent security for WordPress by regularly monitoring as well.

The Maintenance Service Provided by SiteGround, is Outstanding. The site updates regularly, Including plugins updates, Backups, and Cope with any Malfunctioning.

There are some additional features also including pre-installed Git, free backup and restore, PCI compliance for e-commerce stores, WordPress staging environments, priority customer support, WP-CLI for easy command line management options and 1-year free SSL.

5. Security Enhancements by SiteGround

It offers foolproof security to its customers, for different websites and WordPress services, with the support of advanced tools like IP address blocklists, Leech Protect, hotlink protection, Spamassassin and Spam Experts.

You can also add SG Site Scanner for 19.8$ yearly that monitors your website for hacks.

6. Easy E-commerce Installation

The Installation of E-Commerce, was not an easy task before if you are not a ‘Techie-Expert’. SiteGround makes it easier by offering 18 Different E-Commerce Applications, that can be installed through a single click, So, it is a good benefit for its customers. There is, even an option of Multi-Server Sites including PCI Compliance, CDN, an Advanced Caching Solution that gives an Excellent Customer Experience and site performance. The accounts of the clients are also separated from one another, with the help custom server solutions, So that, it won’t affect the security breach of the Sites.

7. FREE Website Transfer

You can Even transfer your Existing Website from the previous hosting service to SiteGuard, within 24 hours and Completely Free-of-Cost, While other service providers don’t offer that luxury and you may need to pay a certain amount or transfer your website to their hosting, and the process can take as long as a whole month for them. For GrowBig and GoGeek services, you get only one free transfer, and even for that, you don’t have to wait long. Free WP Migration tool is provided to Startup users as Well.

SiteGround knows more than one way to transfer the site. they provide the aptest, one according to the needs of their clients. You can request a site transfer, even while signing up, by just clicking on the option of “Transfer an existing website” in the Account’s setup wizard. Another way of transferring site is via our SiteGround account’s support section. You can choose whatever suits you.

One more thing you need to keep in mind, that SiteGround will only transfer the database of your website without your email account. you need to add it separately.  

8. Free SSL Certification and CDN Provided by the host, itself

SiteGround offers free integration of CDN and SSL-Certification for every plan which is a big plus for users. As the breach of Cyber-Security has increased with frequent attacks, Google has also inclined their algorithm towards websites with Strong SSL-Encryption and strong security.

You can receive a free SSL certificate installation from SiteGround that Normally Costs 60$ with other hosting services, which will give you a Boost to the Security and SEO of your Website, So, this is another of looking towards this State of the Art hosting service.

In addition to that, you can also get a Free CDN Cloudflare Integration. It means that Cloudflare will store the data of your site in their cache and deliver it to the audience in the surrounding location. This facilitates the Efficient Delivery of your Content to the audiences, resulting in better User Experience. and good traffic.

9. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround has a 30-day refund policy which makes it a very convenient choice for their Clients, as it gives them enough time to Think, and Make-Up their Mind and Decide whether to go with this service or look forward to others. They can even Back-off if they want to, and in that case, they can get the refund of all the amount that they’ve been paid for the service. So, it is one of the best features Provided by SiteGround to its customers.

There are some terms and conditions for the Return-Policy provided by SiteGround, which are listed below:

  • A Service-Termination-Request should be posted through the User Area.
  • The hosting requests are facilitated for 30 days starting from the day of Service Activation.
  • Cloud service is completely refundable for the initial 15-days after initiation.
  • Renewal orders are not secured.
  • Domain name and area security (ID Protect) charges are not refundable. These expenses may even be expected upon retraction, regardless of whether they are deferred as a feature of advancement.
  • Dedicated hosting, paid support, and outsider services are not secured by the money back ensure.
  • Reseller bundles are possibly secured if the whole affiliate bundle is dropped. This assurance doesn’t have any significant bearing to the end of single records in an affiliate bundle, either.

10. Free CDN and SSL Certificate

Another extraordinary advantage of utilizing SiteGround’s service is that each arrangement they offer comes furnished with a free SSL certificate and CDN (content conveyance organize) joining.

These highlights are a HUGE reward!

Because of the proliferation of digital assaults and website hacks, Google has moved certain parts of their calculation to support secure and encoded websites. In particular, websites with a SSL is (secure attachment layer) encryption. With SiteGround, you will get a free SSL certificate establishment (which regularly costs around $60) from ‘We should Encrypt SSL’ that will immediately support your website’s security and site design improvement.

Moreover, they’ve incorporated a free mix of Cloud flare’s CDN.

This implies Cloudflare will reserve the information and substance from your site on their worldwide servers and after that conveys that substance to your gathering of people from an adjacent area. Along these lines accelerating the conveyance of your substance and improving the user experience for your guests.

11. Straightforwardness and Community Support

The universe of web hosting and cyber security is overflowing with obscure practices and corrupt conduct. Fortunately, SiteGround is committed to providing their clients with a straightforward and clear involvement just as a flourishing community of specialists who can help walk you through various difficulties and investigating issues.

SiteGround incorporates an uptime screen in the principle route menu. They likewise share the IP address of their server farms, conspicuously telling their “GoGeek” clients that they will have fewer records on their server than ‘Startup’ clients (a reality that most shared hosting providers maintain a strategic distance from). SiteGround is committed to keeping up their company’s respectability and providing you with a reasonable and straightforward client experience. Besides, they have a solid commitment to the web hosting community and throughout the years their group has supported, visited, or spoken at in excess of 400 community occasions.

Related to the abnormal state of support that they provide their clients, this shows a reasonable commitment to the web hosting community and a company culture of support and philanthropy.

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround 5s one of the leading hosting website which offers best uptime, page loading speeds, and customer support. They even offer a pack of pleasant ‘additional items’ that can take care of business. There are a couple of downsides to think about when looking.

There are few of them:

1. Monthly billing “Setup Fee”

Know how most web hosts can easily get you.

They publicize a vulgarly low ‘monthly’ cost. The catch is that you frequently need to agree to accept a few years so as to get it. Most other web hosts don’t even offer a genuine ‘month-to-month’ choice, with a one year bargain being the briefest they’ll go. Fortunately SiteGround’s evaluating is clear and doesn’t play that amusement. Their low promoted cost is for the 12-month bargain.

Conclusion, we recommend you to do not pay monthly.

They additionally do offer a genuine ‘monthly’ choice in the event that you need it. What’s more, it’s a similar low promoted cost. The main problem is that they additionally charge a one-time ‘setup expense’ on these ‘every month plan $14.95.

2. Limited Storage Space

Contrasted and other web hosts, SiteGround’s storage space is a bit on the little size (so you should need to illuminate plate space on the off chance that you think it’ll be a worry).

They will offer an accommodating note about what number of monthly guests you can securely deal with without encountering any issues. In case you’re simply beginning, the “StartUp” plan will for the most part be all that anyone could need. In the event that your site develops, you can without much of a stretch upgrade to a progressively strong server/plan which is probably going to have more power. With the StartUp plan, you’ll get 10 GB of web space. SiteGround suggests this plan for around 10,000 monthly website guests.

On the off chance that you are in need increasingly, simply climb to the GrowBig plan. You’ll get 20 GB of web space with that plan. On the off chance that you get around 25,000 monthly guests, SiteGround prescribes this bundle. On the off chance that you need to upgrade to the GoGeek plan, you’ll get 30 GB of space. SiteGround prescribes this plan for a website that gets around 100,000 guests each month.

SiteGround Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Best and affordable hosting plans offered by SiteGround:

Shared Hosting: is available with three main plans:

  • StartUp Plan: This plan costs $3.95 per month, can host one website and is reasonable for beginners who are simply beginning with their website. Can deal with up to 10,000 remarkable visits for each month and has the primary dimension of the SuperCacher module empowered which is static reserve, day in and day out customer support, free CDN, Let’s Encrypt SSL, Unlimited Emails and DBs, free site migration, free day by day reinforcement, and so forth.
  • GrowBig Plan: This plan costs $5.95 per month and can host various websites and this plan can deal with up to 25,000 visits for every month, a free SSL Wildcard for 1 year, 30 reinforcement duplicates and free restore, each of the 3-dimensions of the SuperCacher, which helps stacking time hugely, customer support with need, in spite of the fact that SiteGround has madly quick reaction times, GrowBig and GoGeek customers are taken care of with need.
  • GoGeek Plan: This plan costs $11.95 per month which can host various websites and offers significantly more space, can deal with up to 100,000 visits for every month, has all highlights of the other two plans in addition to 1-click WP organizing, pre-introduced git, PCI consistence and less records on the server.

All mutual hosting plans accompany a free email account, free CDN and boundless data transfer capacity.

  • Domain: $9.95 is starting price for Domain
  • Ease of Signup: it is easy process for, one-page sign-up process.
  • Payment Methods: you can also pay with credit cards.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: They charge a $14.95 setup expense on the off chance that you pay for their mutual hosting plans monthly rather than yearly. Pitiful face you’d be better off paying 1 year forthright to stay away from that.
  • Upsells: it is just little bit.
  • Account Activation: fast account activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): easiest way of installation.

Do We Recommend SiteGround for you?

Truly, we do. SiteGround is ideal for those who care profoundly about customer support, while not giving up snappy page speeds or amazing uptime either.

They likewise offer a pack of extra highlights that may be ideal for you if eCommerce/WordPress is your objective or on the off chance that you’d like security to be taken care of by another person. Right now, their valuing is additionally keeping pace with numerous other web hosts of lasers quality, so it’s the ideal time to act and exploit.

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