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SiteGround Webhost Review

SiteGround is a company which provides Web-Hosting services, and it was formed in the year if 2004 by some university students, in Bulgaria. This company holds a good reputation in the market of Economical/Communal web hosting providers, and the major benefits of this company, are that it provides Unlimited bandwidth, and includes CDN Cloudflare, and SSL to its subscribers.

Why is it better?

A lot of you must be thinking that there are some other good web hosting services in the market, then what is the difference, which makes it better among the other? And why should we choose this? Here’s the answer to this kind of questions;

Pros of Siteground hosting:

The metric factors on which, the performance of a web hosting service is based upon, is the UpTime, Speed (Loading Time) and Support Services. And the other factors that can make a hosting service, stand out of the crowd, in the market, are the Additional Features that it Provides. And Everything in this service is just amazing. The details of its features are listed below:

1.Uptime Rate (99.99%):

SiteGround prefers to Customize Software Solutions, instead of Stock Software for better-hosting Services. The SiteGround Platform is supported with Linux containers that stabilise things during sudden traffic index. Other than that, the Account-Isolation-Technology was First Introduced by SiteGround, for the Sake of the Security and Privacy of its Clients.

Moreover, SiteGround built a state-of-the-art server monitoring system, that can monitor servers after every half-Second. This server automatically rectifies problems without any human assistance that results, in a high Up-time.

One more thing, While reviewing, the average uptime of our test website on SiteGround was 99.99% that is .05% more than the industrial standards of 99.94%. We found this, an important thing because it can be a benefit for and provides more traffic to a website. Here’s the table showing the up rate of the past 10 months:

  • Average up-time is 100% in June 2018 
  • Average up-time is 100% in July 2018 
  • Average up-time is 99.97% in August 2018
  • Average up-time is 99.99% in September 2018 
  • Average up-time is 100% in October 2018 
  • Average up-time is 99.97% in November 2018 
  • Average up-time is 100% in December 2018 
  • Average up-time is 100% in January 2019 
  • Average up-time is 99.97% in Febuary 2019 
  • Average up-time is 100% in March 2019 

2. Load Time (714ms)

During the whole testing period of our website on SiteGround, the average Loading time was 714ms. It was consistent over the whole ten months. It was so impressive benefit of this hosting service, as it is Quicker and faster than the standard load time of 890ms, which, other web hosts provide. the load time if our website on SiteGround from last ten months, is shown in the table below:

  • Average Speed 680ms in June 2018 
  • Average Speed 730ms in July 2018 
  • Average Speed 730ms in August 2018 
  • Average Speed 693ms in September 2018 
  • Average Speed 735ms in October 2018 
  • Average Speed 733ms in November 2018 
  • Average Speed 699ms in December 2018 
  • Average Speed 737ms in January 2019 
  • Average Speed 688ms in February 2019 
  • Average Speed 712ms in March 2018 

In a word we can say that SiteGround is faster than others.

3. Support Services:

Just like the previous amazing services, SiteGround provides an awesome Customer support to their clients. It Processes over 2000, 1500 tickets and about 800 phone calls every single day. It is not an easy task to handle such a great number of customers, but SiteGround does it effectively. Moreover, there are about 300 individuals, who are working with SiteGround, as Customer Support Agents, they are working efficiently to provide best services to their customers, in three major languages, which are English, Spanish and Italian. This Support team is an asset of SiteGround, that makes it a Client-Oriented web host. They reply instantly, and help their customers, even in worst scenarios and provide best solutions according to the problem. And they are professional as well.

4. Security Enhancements:

Along with hosting services, SiteGround provides awesome security to its customers. They are offering different tools for websites and WordPress services, which include IP Address Blocklist, Leech Protect, Hotlink Protection, Spamassassin and Spam Experts. These tools are completely safe and foolproof/Hack-Proof.

If you want Extra security, then you can get the SG Site Scanner, which worth $19.8 P.A, and that will provide you with some other benefits, like scan and protect your site from hacks as well.

5. Free Website Transfer:

This is not just for new sites, you can even transfer your existing site from another web host as well. The process takes a maximum time of 24 hours and is completely free of cost. Some of you may say that there are some other web hosts, which provide website transfers so what makes you think around SiteGround Services? Are they providing something Unique in it? The answer is, that while looking at other Hosts, you need to pay a certain amount of money and wait for even a couple of days or a whole month to complete the process (Transfer your Site). The Things which make it ‘Unique’ for SiteGround, are two highlighted words, one is ‘Free’ and the other is ‘Quick’. You don’t need to pay even a single cent while transferring a site on SiteGround, and even don’t need to wait that long.

Other than that, at SiteGround, the process of website transfer is also flexible according to the need of the clients. They know more than one way to transfer your site and provide you with the best facilities to do so. You can even request for a site transfer even at the time of signing up. This is the best thing for a new user. But you need to keep in mind that you can only transfer the website, but without the email account linked with that. You need to link your email after transferring the website to SG Server.

6. WordPress Hosting:

Unlike other web hosting services, SiteGround also provides WordPress hosting on all of the accounts, which is also an impressive kind of features, provided by this SiteGround. It has an SSD-based platform with in-house SuperCacher that enhances the Site’s loading speed. SiteGround even provides excellent security for WordPress by regularly monitoring as well.

The Maintenance Service Provided by SiteGround, is Outstanding. The site updates regularly, Including plugins updates, Backups, and Cope with any Malfunctioning. There are some additional features also including pre-installed Git, free backup and restore, PCI compliance for e-commerce stores, WordPress staging environments, priority customer support, WP-CLI for easy command line management options and 1-year free SSL.

7. E-commerce:

The Installation of E-Commerce, was not an easy task before, in case if you are not a ‘Techie-Expert’ while SiteGround has made it easier, by offering 18 Different E-Commerce Applications, that can be installed through a single click, So, it is a good benefit for its customers. There is, even an option of Multi-Server Sites including PCI Compliance, CDN, an Advanced Caching Solution that gives an Excellent Customer Experience and site performance. The accounts of the clients are also separated from one another, with the help custom server solutions, So that, it won’t affect the security breach of the Sites.

8. SSL Certification and CDN:

SiteGround offers free integration of CDN and SSL-Certification for every plan which is a big plus for users. As the breach of Cyber-Security has increased with frequent attacks, Google has also inclined their algorithm towards websites with Strong SSL-Encryption and strong security.

You can receive a free SSL certificate installation from SiteGround that Normally Costs 60$ with other hosting services, which will give you a Boost to the Security and SEO of your Website, So, this is another of looking towards this State of the Art hosting service.

In addition to that, you can also get a Free CDN Cloudflare Integration. It means that Cloudflare will store the data of your site in their cache and deliver it to the audience in the surrounding location. This facilitates the Efficient Delivery of your Content to the audiences, resulting in better User Experience. and good traffic.

9. Transparency of the Hosting:

The Satisfaction of the client is directly proportional to the Transparency of the Hosting Service. It is helpful to Fend-off shady attacks on a website. SiteGround offers the most Transparent Service to the clients for the sake of a more Trustworthy Experience by their users.

The Main Navigation Menu of SiteGround includes an uptime monitor. The IP addresses of the Data Centres also share that inform the GoGeek customers about the fewer accounts on their server, as compared to Startup customers. This clear mechanism helps in building goodwill with the customers as they have information about every Single aspect of the service.

SiteGround is also associated with the Web Hosting Community, and over 400 events have been attended and sponsored by their Team-Members. This involvement in the web hosting community has resulted in the development of a better image and PR of the company.

Price Plans:

SiteGround offers High-quality Web Hosting Services and Additional features, with Best suitable rates in the market nowadays. Their hosting  Rates/Packages costs in-between 3.95$ to 9.99$ per month.

SiteGround may not be the cheapest option available, but their high-quality makes them better than other service providers in the market. So, due to their Immeasurable Quality, they are worthy to get paid that much and this makes it a perfect deal for a client.

Is there any Refund Policy?

SiteGround has a 30-day refund policy which makes it a very convenient choice for their Clients, as it gives them enough time to Think, and Make-Up their Mind and Decide whether to go with this service or look forward to others. They can even Back-off if they want to, and in that case, they can get the refund of all the amount that they’ve been paid for the service. So, it is one of the best features Provided by SiteGround to its customers.

Terms and Conditions:

There are some terms and conditions for the Return-Policy provided by SiteGround, which are listed below:

  • A Service-Termination-Request should be posted through the User Area.
  • The hosting requests are facilitated for 30 days starting from the day of Service Activation. 
  • For the first 15 days after service activation, the Cloud Service is refundable.. 
  • The Renewal Orders are not entertained.
  • The fee of Domain Privacy and Site-Name is not refundable. They would be due on cancellation if they were not already paid.
  • There is no Back Guarantee on paid support, third-party services and dedicated hosting.

Cons of Siteground:

Although there are some awesome benefits of Siteground web hosting services, but there are some flow backs as well. let’s have a look on them.

1. Setup Fee for Monthly Billing:

Siteground is offering monthly billing scheme, which can be helpful for some people who can not afford to pay a comparatively high amount of money at once. but for that service, they are charging a one time fee which is pretty high. that is a flaw of Siteground hosting. they are offering the freedom of paying low amount billing fee to be paid on a monthly basis, but to get this freedom, you have to pay $14.95 for the first time to avail the offer.

2. Limited Storage Space:

As compared to other web hosts, Siteground gives you limited storage space and limits the monthly visits on your site. this is a big flow of the service. the given number of visitors can be handled easily but if the number of visitors exceeds, you must face some issues and lag on your site.

Every Plan has a different Storage space and bandwidth. The basic plan of Siteground, which is ‘Start-Up’ has 10GBs of storage and can handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors. If you want more, you’ll need to upgrade to ‘GrowBig’ plan. in that plan, you’ll get 20GBs of storage with the handling of 25,000 monthly visits. When you need more bandwidth, you can further upgrade to ‘GoGeek’ plan which is a super premium plan by siteground. It has 30GBs of storage and can handle up to 100,000 guests every month.

Other Highlights about SiteGround Services:

The details of SiteGround hosting Package plans  are given below:

  • Startup: The startup plan costs just 3.95$ monthly. It offers one website hosting and is ideal for clients who have just launched a new Website. This plan can handle around 10,000 unique visitors for a month. It also includes Unlimited emails/DBs, SuperCacher plugins, free CDN, and SSL and 24/7 customer support service. However, it is just a basic plan, which is suitable for new users only.
  • GrowBig: The GrowBig plan carries a cost of 5.95$ per month. It hosts Multiple Websites and handles around 25,000 visitors per month. The GrowBig plan also offers free restore and 30 backup copies, free SSL wildcard for a year, three levels of SuperCacher which assists in fast loading and customer support. The response time of Growbig and GoGeek is better because they are prioritized. This plan is often suitable for the moderate user.
  • GoGeek: The cost of GoGeek plan is 11.95$ per month. It hosts Multiple Websites with more space on the offer. It handles 100,000 visitors monthly and includes all the features of StartUp and GrowBig. GoGeek also offers pre-installed git, 1-click WP staging, PCI support and less load on the server. However, this package is for advanced, high-end users, who have lots of traffic on their site and need more space and advanced features.
  • Domain: You can get your own Domain, with the price tag of as low as $9.95..
  • Easy Signup: One-page setup for new users, to make the signing up process easier.
  • Payment mediums: You can pay through your Credit Card. but if you want to pay using any other methods, you can that discuss with their support team through chats.
  • Hidden Clauses: One-time setup fee of 14.95$ for should be paid if you want a monthly shared hosting plan.
  • Activation of account: The Activation Process of Accounts is Easy, Fast, Quick and instant
  • Dashboard/Control Panel: C-Panel Dashboard is Provided
  • Apps and CMSs Installation: Convenient and quick app installation with the use of Softaculous Program

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