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Web hosting Overview

There are a lot of web-hosting services available on the internet right now, but while choosing one, most people get confused. One is Budget-friendly and the other one has more value to its price. One has good uptime and the other one has great speed. One has better usability and one has Unlimited bandwidth and space. We have tested some of the ‘Best’ Market-Known Web-hosts and found some interesting facts about them, and for Our Audiences, we are presenting the list of Top-10 Web-hosts, which you can choose from, according to your needs and requirements.

1. BlueHost – ‘The-Best’ web hosting :

Bluehost Pros:
+ Best Uptime (99.99%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.41ms)
+ Cheap “Intro” Cost ($2.75/mo)
+ Easy to Use and Signup
+ Fast Support (Live Chat and Phone)
+ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost Cons:
No Free Site Migrations

While talking about Web-Hosting services, there’s nothing better than BlueHost. Some other Hosting providers maybe have a higher Uptime Rate of lower Load times but cannot beat it’s overall services and Supports team, at least for now, they provide best services and best Value-For-Money as well. In Introductory period while starting price is $2.95/month for three years plan, they Give you free Domain name for one year, Free SSL Certification, 1-click, WordPress Install Easy-to-use atmosphere and much more with highest Uptime rate of about 99.99%, an amazing load time of 372ms, live 24/7 state-of-the-art support team with Live-chat or phone option available, and all that comes with 30-days money-back guarantee. Other than that, these packages come with unlimited Bandwidth and 50GB to Unlimited Storage Space according to your needs and packages you buy. Perhaps, Bluehost doesn’t provide you Free Site-Migration, that’s a downfall of its service.

2.HostGator Cloud – ‘Unlimited Freedom’ :

HostGator Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.98%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.46ms)
+ FREE Site Migration (1)
+ No Bandwidth/Storage Limit
Unlimited Email Accounts
+ Free SSL Included

HostGator Cloud Cons:
Higher Renewal Cost

It is another Web-Host that provides awesome Features an amazing price range. Its uptime rate is 99.99%, with Page Load-Time of about 463ms, with one of the Best Support Team that offers 24/7 Live Support, and its Introductory Packages start with $2.75/month. In this price, you are getting Free Domain Name, Free SSL Certification, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Unlimited Storage, One-Click WordPress Install and Free WebSite Migration, Free Unlimited Email Accounts and Free Daily Backups as well and all that comes with 45-days Money-back guarantee. That’s pretty awesome, right?. But hold on, they have a downfall as well. Their Renewal Prices are too much higher than can even jump to $9.95-$14.95/month when the introductory period expires. So keep this thing in mind when signing up for their services.

3. Hostinger – ‘Get-More For-Less’ :

Hostinger Pros:
+ Fast Load Time (0.35ms)
+ Cheapest Plan ($0.80/mo)
+ Datacenters in 7 Regions
+ FREE Domain Name (1 year)
+ Uptime Guarantee
+ 30 Days Money Back

Hostinger Cons:
SSL Not Included

The Third one in our list is hosting. It provides you the Cheapest web-hosting, ever. While choosing their hosting services, you can get a perfect hosting plan in as low as $0.80/month, while getting their subscription for 48-months (4-year). In this price range, you are getting a pretty decent uptime rate of 99.96%, the amazing load time of 352ms, 24/7 live support which is pretty good, Unlimited disk space and bandwidth and 30 days money-back guarantee. But they have too many limitations with their single-hosting plan. While choosing that plan, you only get 10GB disk space and 100GB Bandwidth, One MySQL database and one Email account, that is too much limited for a regular website-owner. And Unfortunately, they do not provide everything in those cheap plans. If you want SSL Certification and security plugins or backups us well, you have to pay a lot of extra money to them, that is their downfall so you might think about something else.

4. SiteGround – ‘Perfect WordPress Support’ :

SiteGround Pros:
+ Very Good Uptime (99.99%)
+ Fast and Knowledgeable Support
+ High-Performance WordPress Hosting
+ Free Site Migration
+ Easy to Use, includes cPanel

SiteGround Cons:
‘Setup Fee’ for Monthly Billing
Limited Storage Space

Siteground is one of the most popular and well-known web hosting companies, which provides the best WordPress hosting services with a dedicated WordPress-support team. They provide you a better uptime rate of 99.98%, with a pretty average load time of 699ms, but, with the ‘best’ support services, along with Free SSL Certification, Free Site-migration, CDN, Unlimited Email Accounts, daily backups and a 30-days money-back guarantee, and all that comes with the price tag of $3.95/month for an annual subscription. Although its Load-time is a high bit, other features are great according to its price-plan and they have data centers in the U.S, Europe, and Asia, which provide State-of-the-art Live-Support with quick and instant response to their customers, so that’s a cool thing about siteground as well. But one thing that is not good about this pretty awesome web host, is its cheap plans are too much limited. Like, imagine, you are getting 10GB storage space with 10,000 monthly visitor and not-so-fast 699ms load time, it can be harder for you to get this kind of hosting service, right?. But otherwise, their WordPress services, extra plugins, cPanel, and the ‘Best’ Knowledgeable support team breaks the deal. They even provide ‘Monthly’ Easy payment options as well, but the ‘Setup-Fee’ for a monthly payment option, is too high so you might think before getting an option like that.

5. A2 – ‘Best Load-time’ :

A2 Hosting Pros:
+ Fastest Load Time (0.34ms)
+ Quick and Efficient Support
+ Free Site Migration
+ Compatible With Common CMS’s
+ Environment-Friendly

A2 Hosting Cons:
Uptime could be better (99.92%)
Restrictions on Cheapest Plan

A2-Hosting is something, that is not known to a lot of audiences, but it provides a perfect web hosting service to their clients. Their hosting plans are not cheap enough but it is a pretty good option for your online business. Its introductory packages start with $3.92/month but in this price range, it offers ‘Industry standard’ Uptime rate of 99.94% with a blazing fast load time of 286ms (which is pretty fast actually), 24/7/365 perfect support team (Guru Care Support) which is quick and highly responsive as well, free website migration, Common CMSs Compatibility and an Environment-Friendly Ecosystem that promises you a long Life of service as we. But they have some limitation on their basic plans as well, like the limit of One Website, Five databases, exclusion of addon domains and WordPress cache limitations as well so it’s better for you to choose a more flexible plan instead of basic one.

6. Godaddy – ‘Known to Everyone’ :

GoDaddy Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.97%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.52ms)
+ Many Great Features
+ Well Known Brand

GoDaddy Cons:
Unreliable Support
Emails, Backups and SSL Cost Extra

Godaddy is one of the most advertised and the most popular web-hosting provider that provides you best features at a low price. It is, on the other hand, a ‘well-known’ brand in the market as well, but Marketing reputation is not everything while choosing a suitable web host. Their hosting service is not that cheap enough but provides you an awesome uptime rate of 99.99% and a pretty decent load time of 623ms. And it comes with a ton of awesome features, 100GB of website storage, Unmetered bandwidth and a free trial to their ‘own’ Website builder, in just $3.66/month. But to be honest, their support team is just ‘Unreliable’ and Unprofessional, they don’t really provide what is said to be ‘24/7 Live Support’ and their cheap marketing tactics and Upsells, are just horrible. So, you’d better look for something better than this.</p>

7. DreamHost – Perfect for ‘Developers’ :

DreamHost Pros:
+ Knowledgeable Support
+ 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ They’re Carbon Neutral

Dreamhost Cons:
Possible Delayed Setup
No cPanel

This is one of the cheapest Web-Hosts in the market that is serving more than 400k active Customers and hosting more than 1.5 million websites right now. It is one of the biggest players in the web hosting market, out there. Its lowest plan starts with $2.59/month for a 12-month subscription, that comes with 99.96% average Uptime with a load time of 718ms, an extended 97-days money back guarantee, Completely Unlimited bandwidth and traffic and their own Custom-Built cPanel which makes the deal pretty awesome. But hold-on, their support services are not that much great. They provide pretty decent support but their response time is horrible. They do not really offer true 24/7 support, but otherwise, their services are good enough to go with.

8. JustHost – ‘Value for Money’ :

JustHost Pros:
+ Good Time (99.97%)
+ Fast Load Time (0.60ms)
+ Free Website Builder and other tools

JustHost Cons:
Not-good Support Service
Hidden Costs and Upsells
No cPanel

It is another web-hosting server out there that is providing their service on a little bit higher budget. Their price plans start with $3.95/month and in this price range, they are offering Free Domain names,Free Website builder, Free Email addresses, Free Marketing tools, market standards of 99.97% uptime, amazing load time of 600ms, lots of addons and integration of open-source tools to the websites, lots of customisation tools, their own custom cPanel, Free Scripts Library, Advanced Security options and a lot more with 30-days money back guarantee. However their Support team is just horrible and they have lots of hidden charges as well and even their upsells are so frustrating. Otherwise, their services are good enough to go with.

9.  HostMonster – Amazing ‘VPS Hosting’ :

HostMonster Pros:
+ Quick & Easy Setup process
+ 45-days money back guarantee
+ Marketing credits ($100 google adward, $100 Bing Ads)
+ Plans start with $4.99/month

HostMonster Cons:
High Load Time
Not so known popular>
-Plans start with $4.99/month

It is not so cost-efficient web host, but their VPS and dedicated hosting plans are great and it is a perfect value for money as well. While going ahead with their services, you are getting 99.97% uptime, Pretty Decent yet efficient  Support services, Great Security Options, $100 Google Adwords and $100 Bing Ad Credits and free website migration with all of its web-hosting plans. However, its Load time was horrible some time ago, right now, it’s about 760ms and getting better day-by-day. It is one of the oldest web hosts in the market and is been there for almost 24 year but still, it is not known to a lot of audiences till now. But it is providing best VPS and Dedicated Server hosting with the most relevant price tags. One more thing, it doesn’t require any extra verifications for new user so the setup process is so quick and efficient for new users especially who are outside of U.S. other than that, they do provide you a 45-days money-back guarantee so you can try their services without some serious kind of finance-related issues.

10. InMotionHosting – Great Security :

InMotionHosting Pros:
+ Good Uptime (99.79%)
+ 24/7 Instant Support
+ Unlimited Storage and bandwidth
+ 90-days money back guarantee

InMotionHosting Cons:
Horrible Loadtime (0.94ms)
Paid Website builder and site transfers

InMotionHosting is another Web-Hosting Provider that is not so known to lots of audiences but offers some great features, in a budget range. It is not low in price as some others are, but it does offer some amazing features to all of its plans. It is offering Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Traffic, Special Marketing, and SEO Tools, Security suite and Free SSL Certifications to with its basic plans as well which starts with $3.99/month and makes a perfect value for money. It has an amazing uptime rate of 99.97% and awesome 24/7 instant support services with quick response, but its load time is 948ms, which is pretty high and that can make it pretty slow. Otherwise, it comes with 90 days money-back guarantee that makes a pretty responsive deal as well so you can try their services without any serious risk.

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